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Our hotels are designed to be idyllic retreats enabling guests to escape the stress of daily life and reconnect to what is really important. To ensure our guests are able to release all their worries and fully enjoy their holidays with us, we offer a range of excellent wellbeing activities. Align body, mind and soul with yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong, meditation and more. 

Find the balance

In the chaos of daily living, we often forget to slow down and find ways to bring ourselves back into alignment. All too often, it’s easy to get caught up in the rest of life and let our wellbeing practices fall to the wayside. At Sun Resorts, we encourage you to engage in our wellbeing activities in order to totally surrender to relaxation, allowing you to enjoy your holiday to the full. Whether it’s during a session of yoga, while exploring the ancient art of Qi Gong, embracing the quiet of meditation or learning to focus on your body in tai chi, we have something to balance your mind, body and soul.


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