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Our Sun Resorts are set in two sublime destinations, surrounded by iridescent teal waters and pristine beaches with tropical island interiors. These destinations are home to an abundance of wildlife found predominantly in the sea. Interested in close encounters with some of these magnificent creatures? Our wildlife activities allow you to do just that.

Unforgettable close encounters

Memorable moments are those that have the power to enchant you. They are the breathtaking experiences that render you speechless and ignite your soul. We invite our guests to experience moments like these with our exceptional wildlife activities. Enjoy an excursion with us in the Maldives, where we head towards the horizon in search of some of our favourite endemic sea creatures. Lucky guests can see pods of dolphins and majestic manta rays as they elegantly glide through the dark blue ocean. The sheer beauty of these species encountered in their natural habitat is sure to be memorable.

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