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Musicians and music lovers will delight in our excellent and unique musical entertainment at our Sun Resorts hotels. Whether you enjoy tailor-made music offerings in-room, the excellent live bands at night, the upbeat music that welcomes you to the hotel or our exceptional DJ classes run by our world-renowned in-house DJ, we have what you need to keep the beat alive.

Set the tone for your holiday

Music has the power to affect our emotions. It can connect people from different cultures and backgrounds and has the ability impact people in the best ways possible. We channel the power of music at Sun Resorts with our incredible and distinctly unique music activities. Make the most of our special in-room music selection or sit back and relax with your welcome cocktail as you check-in, the background music instantly setting the tone for a holiday that is bound to be exceptional. For a truly unforgettable experience, you can even learn how to create remarkable beats of your own during a DJ class.

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