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Exercising on holiday is made easy with our extensive array of fitness classes and our state-of-the-art gyms. Challenge yourself in a kickboxing class, take an invigorating jog along our pristine shores and enjoy the chance to play a game of tennis surrounded by lush emerald gardens, we provide you with everything you could need for the ultimate workout. 

Get moving

We believe that keeping fit and healthy while on holiday should as enjoyable as it is beneficial, which is why we have created a series of exceptional fitness activities that accommodate a wide range of preferences. Those who like to confine their workout to the gym, then our well-equipped, air-conditioned fitness centres are the ideal places to get your body moving. Those who enjoy being active outside can enjoy our climbing wall or take part in games of beach volleyball, tennis, football and badminton. For fitness group fans, we have it all; from Zumba and Bodyblade to aqua gym and kickboxing. 

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