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Our fishing activities are sure to thrill avid fans and beginners alike. Enjoy a peaceful afternoon of fly fishing from a deserted island or learn how to fish like the local fishermen in the Maldives. Intrepid adventurers can head out to deeper waters and sail the high seas on a big game fishing excursion for the ultimate thrill in either of our two destinations. With us, you have the opportunity to catch prized fish such as marlin, bonito, sailfish and in some places sharks. On request, your fresh catch can be expertly prepared for a truly memorable and delectable lunch or dinner the next day.

Embrace the open waters

Surrounded by azure oceans teeming with huge arrays of fish, Mauritius and the Maldives are both excellent destinations for ardent fishing enthusiasts. Ride the waves in search of the ultimate catch, enjoy fly fishing from a deserted island or learn the local method of fishing, at our resorts, we have fishing activities for the whole family to enjoy. 

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