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See two of the world’s most coveted destinations in extraordinary ways with our escapes and excursions. Tour local Mauritian villages on a bicycle to get a true sense of Mauritius, search for dolphins and manta rays in the tropical waters of Maldives or spend the day enjoying a delicious picnic on a deserted island; with us, every day offers a new and unique adventure.

Unlimited opportunities for adventure

Engage in immersive and authentic experiences with our escapes and excursions, designed to ensure our guests are able to connect fully with the energy of their destination. Journey to a local village in Mauritius on a bicycle tour or mountain biking expedition, enjoy an exclusive castaway picnic on a deserted island in the Maldives or spend a day exploring the intense beauty of the underwater paradise in either destination and much more. At Sun Resorts, we provide opportunities to engage in experiences that enchant the mind and feed the soul, ensuring each day with us is as memorable as the last. 

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