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Unleash your inner Picasso and allow yourself to explore a creative side that until now may have been dormant with our unusual and exciting art activities. Make the most of our artist-in-residence programme with one of our art workshops, available to both adults and children and explore the astonishing Mauritian art scene at our contemporary art boutique.

Unleash your inner artist

Art is a form of communication without the need for words; something that can move you without any explanation. At Sun Resorts, we offer guests an unrivalled experience with our art activities, allowing guests to indulge in their inner creatives. Discover hidden talents and allow your imagination to run wild in one of our adult art workshops or painting classes. Take your canvas home to show the world your wondrous new skill and let it inspire you further. Engage with local up-and-coming contemporary artists and ‘artists in residence’ and understand how the art in Mauritius is evolving.

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