The beach and beyond – what to do during your stay in Mauritius
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The beach and beyond – what to do during your stay in Mauritius

Although Mauritius is renowned for its breath-taking beaches and crystal clear seas, that’s not all that the island has to offer.

Rare wildlife, spectacular natural phenomenon’s and adventures both on ground and underwater are just some other options available to explore aside from splashing in the pool or basking in the sun.
We explore a range of alternative activities to experience during your stay in Mauritius.

Find the best beach

Even for those wanting to get something different from their trip to Mauritius, spending some quality time on a white-sand beach is a must for almost everyone, no matter what their taste.

Belle Mare Plage is considered to be one of the top spots on the island, featuring a 10km long beach and one of the best diving spots in the area, known as The Pass. Close to the coast is Blue Bay, a protected marine park that is home to some of the most colourful underwater scenery and wildlife.

The natural beauty of the beach and attractions such as glass bottomed boats and water sports attract locals and tourists alike. As the Belle Mare Plage is to the east, the winds and currents are stronger than beaches elsewhere on the island, which is important for families with young children to bear in mind.

The beach and beyond – what to do during your stay in Mauritius

Image: SebastianKippe

Skydive in paradise

For those who want experience the beauty of Mauritius from a different perspective, try skydiving.
Located on the north of the island in the Riviere du Rempart area, Skydive Mauritius has been operating since 2008 and has been awarded a 5 out of 5 rating on travel review site Tripadvisor.
The beach and beyond – what to do during your stay in Mauritius
Image: Philip Leara

Skydivers take a tandem jump with an instructor to ensure that their experience is as safe as it is unforgettable. The jump takes place from 10,000 feet above the island and features 40 seconds of thrilling freefall through clear blue Mauritian skies before gliding safely to land via parachute, giving a total flight time of around 25 minutes.

The cost for a tandem jump is 11,500 MUR, which is equivalent to about £225 or $370. Skydivers can also purchase DVDs and pictures of their jump at an additional cost.

Dive into the deep

The sparkling blue sea surrounding Mauritius is a huge attraction for almost every visitor to the island, but many won’t get further than dipping a toe into the ocean or perhaps going for a quick swim at most.

However tourists can choose to take an exciting adventure below the waves with Blue Safari Submarine, who offer tours of the seabed via their fleet of submersibles. The company have conducted more than 12,000 dives serving over 150,000 customers since they began operating in 1998.

Blue Safari Submarine have 2 submarines that can each dive up to 35 feet deep. For an even more unique and exciting experience, visitors are able to drive their own subscooter that allows them to dive up to 5 feet and drive their own mini submarine!
The beach and beyond – what to do during your stay in Mauritius
Image: JacquesBez

Submarine dive costs vary on the season, so contact the company directly for the current price – a 30% discount on extras such as souvenir photos are offered when a booking is made online. A discount is also applicable when booking a subscooter online, as the price is reduced from 6,900 MUR (£135/$222) to 6,200 MUR (£121/$200).

Try local rum tasting

Sugarcane used to be one of the largest exports and earners for Mauritius, but as other industries grow and help to support the island, the naturally grown sugarcane can be used to produce local delicacies.

One particular renowned treat is the locally produced rum, created from pure cane juice to give a specific flavour rather than via the standard process of distilling molasses.

Visitors can visit the Rhumerie de Chamarel to see how this distinctive tipple is made and also taste samples of different products made on site from the sugarcane plants that surround the distillery. The distillery is located on the south west of the island amongst the “Seven Coloured Earths”, a natural phenomenon of vibrantly coloured earth that is another major tourist attraction.

The beach and beyond – what to do during your stay in Mauritius
Image: Navacho

The distillery is open to the public from 9.30am-5.30pm Monday-Saturday (also on public holidays). The guided tour and rum tasting session is estimated to last for around 30-40 minutes.

Spot some of the rarest wildlife in the world

As well as luxurious beaches and wonderful weather, Mauritius is also home to some of the rarest wildlife in the world. A trip to spot some of these exotic creatures is perfect for families, nature lovers of holidaymakers looking to immerse themselves in Mauritius as much as possible.

Perhaps the most uncommon animal to be found on the island is the Mauritius kestrel which were at one point so critically endangered that there were only 4 of these birds in existence. Now their numbers have grown exponentially and around 500 kestrels can now be seen flying across the skies.

The beach and beyond – what to do during your stay in Mauritius
Image: John Mauremootoo

The Mauritian kestrel and other exciting examples of local wildlife can be found on Ile Aux Aigrettes, an island entirely dedicated to conserving indigenous wildlife. Tours of this small off-shore island can be booked via the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, and costs 800 MUR (£15.50/$25) for adults or 400 MUR (£8/$13) for children aged 4-11.

Shop ‘til you drop

Since shopping in Mauritius was declared duty free in 2010, the amount and variety of shops on the island has grown exponentially. Visitors could take advantage of this to find themselves a steal in paradise or pick up presents for loved ones left at home.

Port Louis on the north west of the island is a haven for those looking to shop ‘til they drop but also take in some of the local traditions and cultures as they do so.

The beach and beyond – what to do during your stay in Mauritius


The Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis features 170 boutiques and designer shops alongside a myriad of craft stalls and markets. The central bazar has a fantastic food hall, home to fragrant flavours of local cuisine.

The Natural History Museum as well as many places of worship including churches, mosques and temples can also all be found in Port Louis, which displays the rich cultural heritage of the island.