Places to Visit in Mauritius - Sun Resorts
  • Kanuhura Maldives

    Kanuhura Maldives Discover our gypset-style resort in the Maldives

    Timeless memories

  • Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort

    Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort Feel the energy
    The extensive choice of activities allows a real sense of exploration.

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  • La Pirogue Resort & Spa

    La Pirogue Resort & Spa La Pirogue Resort & Spa Enhanced Renovations

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  • Family getaway with Sun Resorts

    Family getaway with Sun Resorts We’ve got kids club, beaches & golf

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  • Sugar Beach Golf & Spa Resort

    Sugar Beach Golf & Spa Resort Your plantation-style resort unfurls along an exceptional stretch of beach

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  • Ambre Resort & Spa

    Ambre Resort & Spa Your all-inclusive adult-only resort

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  • The Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club

    The Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club An 18-hole course by Bernhard Langer

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Tours and excursions in Mauritius

Places to Visit in Mauritius

Travellers who prefer active tourism to beach holidays will have lots to keep them occupied whilst in Mauritius. Find out more about the cultural diversity of the country through museums, places of worship, arts and crafts, traditions and places to visit in Mauritius. These excursions will help you discover the real Mauritius that lies behind the picture postcards.

Places to visit in Mauritius

The Diversity of Mauritian culture

Traditional Creole houses

Many areas depicting the cultural diversity and history of Mauritius can be found scattered across the island. If you wish to add a cultural dimension to your holiday, make sure you visit traditional Creole houses like the Eureka house, the Pailles property and the House of Saint Aubin and find out about the manufacture of rum, tea culture, gardens spices or see one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world: the Jardin de Pamplemousses.

Religious Sites

There are a host of religious sites that are particularly worth seeing: the Grand Bassin sacred lake, the Cap Malheureux church, or, the Sainte Croix Tamil Temple…
The Grand Bassin sacred lake is a symbolic representation of Hinduism, the most practiced religion in Mauritius and an important pilgrimage site that’s not to be missed if you stay in the south of the island.
The recently renovated Cap Malheureux church is one of the most photographed sites in Mauritius. With its bright red roof and turquoise lagoon and famous Mire rock backdrop, it’s a real picture postcard setting.
The most striking of the Tamil temples can be found at Sainte Croix, near Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. This sanctuary houses many vividly coloured frescoes.

Local arts and crafts and shopping

In Mauritius there are many markets, shopping centres, local craft shops and art galleries offering high quality, affordable merchandise.
Local crafts are an important part of life on the island and they are a means by which the culturally diverse local inhabitants keep their traditions alive. You will find it hard to resist the highly valued jewellery manufactured by Mauritians of Indian or Arabic origin and the Creole basketry and there are many bargains there to be had.

Mauritius has become the top manufacturer of model boats. Highly skilled sculptors and hundreds of workshops attract many vistors, who aside from watching, will bring home many <> souvenirs.
Fashion victims will need plenty of room available in their luggage. Mauritius has built a fantastic reputation for its clothing and textiles. Cashmere jumpers, woollen cardigans, hand-embroidered linen, fabrics by the metre, silks and Indian-style clothes all make attractive purchases. The must-see commercial areas are Caudan in Port Louis, Floréal Square and the Grand Baie market.

The best places to find items of typical Mauritian style are the many colourful markets and bazaars on the island. Every village has its own market but you’ll find the best examples in Port Louis, Flacq and Quatre Bornes.