Maldives Holidays with Sun Resorts
  • Kanuhura Maldives

    Kanuhura Maldives Discover our gypset-style resort in the Maldives

    Timeless memories

  • Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort

    Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort Feel the energy
    The extensive choice of activities allows a real sense of exploration.

    Timeless memories

  • La Pirogue Resort & Spa

    La Pirogue Resort & Spa La Pirogue Resort & Spa Enhanced Renovations

    Timeless memories

  • Family getaway with Sun Resorts

    Family getaway with Sun Resorts We’ve got kids club, beaches & golf

    Timeless memories

  • Sugar Beach Golf & Spa Resort

    Sugar Beach Golf & Spa Resort Your plantation-style resort unfurls along an exceptional stretch of beach

    Timeless memories

  • Ambre Resort & Spa

    Ambre Resort & Spa Your all-inclusive adult-only resort

    Timeless memories

  • The Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club

    The Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club An 18-hole course by Bernhard Langer

    Timeless memories

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Organising your trip to the Maldives

Organising your Maldives Holidays

Planning on going to the Maldives? Use these pages to find out all you need to know before you travel: weather, what to see and do during your Maldives holidays.

Maldives Holidays - Sun Resorts

Entry requirements, vaccinations and health for travel to the Maldives

A passport valid for 6 months after the return is required for travellers from the European Union wishing to travel to the Maldives.
A free three month visa is granted on arrival upon presentation of a return ticket.
No vaccinations are required but vaccination against hepatitis A & B is advised.
Plan to take any common medicines, mosquito repellent, high protection sun cream. You’ll also need sun glasses.
Don’t drink tap water, only bottled water.
Health warning for divers: please avoid air travel within 24 hours of finishing a dive.

Currency used in the Maldives

The local currency is the Maldivian Rufiyaa. However you’re not likely to encounter this as all transactions in the hotels are in US dollars or Euro!
One dollar is worth 11.72 RF and one Maldavian Rufiyaa equals 0.094 Euro. Travellers cheques and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) are accepted in all the hotels.
Tips are not mandatory but they will however be gratefully received. The exact amount is at your discretion; around 1 – 2 dollars per day per person is acceptable.


AC current is 220-440 volts. It is advised to bring an international travel adaptor to ensure you can plug your electrical items into sockets.

Time difference and travel time for trips to the Maldives

The Maldives is 5 hours ahead of the UK in winter and 4 hours in summer. Some atolls however have their own time zones which vary between +1 and +2 hours in order to make the most of available daylight…
You should allow around 13.5 hours flying time to reach the Maldives from London airports via Dubai.


Nudism is forbidden in the Maldives and going topless is generally allowed on private beaches belonging to the hotels. In mosques and temples one should remove ones shoes, and wear suitable clothing (avoid bear legs and shoulders and low necklines).
It is forbidden to carry bottles of alcoholic drinks in your luggage and doing may be penalised.


Locals speak Maldivian but in Male and all the islands English is often spoken, as well as French, although the latter to a much lesser extent. Some islands are French speaking but this is much less common.

Weather and climate in the Maldives

The climate in the Maldives is tropical, hot and humid. Like all equatorial regions, the climate in the Maldives is subject to the whims of 2 short monsoon periods. From November to March, the “dry” winter monsoon (iruvai) is characterised by a north-easterly wind and high temperatures; between Mai and November, the humid summer monsoon (hulhangu) brings more pleasant temperatures with stronger winds from the south-east. The average air temperature is 28˚C and the water’s 27˚C throughout the year.

What to pack for a holiday in the Maldives

During the day you will need swim wear, casual clothing and shorts as well as something to protect you from the sun; sun glasses, hat and high protection sun cream. It is also advisable to bring plastic sandals for protection against the coral that carpets the sea bed.
Evening dress is required in some hotels in the Maldives.