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Seasons, weather and climate in Mauritius

Mauritius weather and seasons

In Mauritius, as with all other islands in the Indian Ocean, the seasons are reversed when compared to the northern hemisphere. When its winter in the UK, its summer in Mauritius! The year is split into two main seasons: the austral summer and austral winter …
Nevertheless, its never gets as cool in the winter as it does at our latitude.

Mauritius weather, seasons and climate

October, November, December, in Mauritius: the dry mid-season

From October the days get hot (up to 28˚C), although it is cooler in the evenings and at night. The sea temperature is around 26˚C. It doesn’t rain often and there’s very little wind. The climatic conditions during this season makes the autumn half-term holiday a perfect time for a family holiday to Mauritius. The first 3 weeks of December are an equally good time, firstly with respect to the hot, dry weather in Mauritius, and secondly, because of the great value promotions offered by the hotels.

January, February and March: The Mauritian austral summer sets in

Towards the end of the month of December the austal summer sets in and lasts until March. The days are particularly hot with temperatures easily reaching around 30˚C. Although the cooling sea breeze takes the edge off the heat. It’s a very pleasant season with perfect weather for bathers, divers and water sport practitioners with the water temperature of the lagoon reaching 28˚C … Be aware, however, that this is the season when tropical storms and cyclones may strike although the latter are very rare (on average one cyclone every 15 years).

April in Mauritius: the transition towards austral winter

The month of April, just like November and December, is definitely the best time to visit Mauritius. The weather is dry, daytime temperatures don’t soar too high and nights are cooler than in the preceding months. The Indian Ocean is still warm at around 26˚C. It is the ideal month for a family holiday to Mauritius due to the pleasant air and water temperatures.

May, June, July, August and September: austral winter in Mauritius

The Mauritian winter season is not what most people consider a winter to be, with temperatures reaching 25˚C when it is sunny. Evenings and nights are cooler and temperatures can drop as low as 15˚C. You’ll need to wrap up if you want to dine on the beach.
It may rain more frequently but in the form of scattered, light showers. It is still a good time for bathing with a sea temperature of 24˚C inside the lagoon. This season is the perfect time for your relaxing dream spa holiday in Mauritius. Most of our hotels offer daily or weekly schedules.

When to travel to Mauritius?

The information on these web pages is updated on a monthly basis in order to offer the most up to date information in terms of when to travel and in which hotel to stay depending on whether you travel with your family, with a group of sporting friends or on a romantic break for two