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  • Kanuhura Maldives

    Kanuhura Maldives Discover our gypset-style resort in the Maldives

    Timeless memories

  • Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort

    Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort Feel the energy
    The extensive choice of activities allows a real sense of exploration.

    Timeless memories

  • La Pirogue Resort & Spa

    La Pirogue Resort & Spa La Pirogue Resort & Spa Enhanced Renovations

    Timeless memories

  • Family getaway with Sun Resorts

    Family getaway with Sun Resorts We’ve got kids club, beaches & golf

    Timeless memories

  • Sugar Beach Golf & Spa Resort

    Sugar Beach Golf & Spa Resort Your plantation-style resort unfurls along an exceptional stretch of beach

    Timeless memories

  • Ambre Resort & Spa

    Ambre Resort & Spa Your all-inclusive adult-only resort

    Timeless memories

  • The Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club

    The Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club An 18-hole course by Bernhard Langer

    Timeless memories

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Sun Resorts

Diverse in spirit

Over the past 35 years, Sun Resorts generated a record of sustained excellence and accomplishments in the hospitality industry. Driven by the passion to outclass, Sun Resorts puts its resorts at the service of our clients to ensure that all the needs are met diligently. Born and bred in the unique and harmonious melting pot of races and cultures that is the island of Mauritius, we now stand as one of the major Mauritian hotel groups.

Sun Resorts, A Leading Hotel and Leisure Group

Who we are

At Sun Resorts we believe that each person is unique. And different at any one time of life.

Our core values grow from the deep-rooted sense of hospitality of the Mauritian people. Our team members, who come from some 20 countries across the world, embrace these fundamentals and consistently enrich our own sum of experience with their international exposure.

Our Properties

Who we are

MAURITIUS: Long Beach Golf & Spa ResortSugar Beach Golf & Spa ResortLa Pirogue Resort & SpaAmbre Resort & SpaIle aux Cerfs Golf Club

MALDIVES: Kanuhura

Our island-getaways in Mauritius and the Maldives are unique in spirit. All are set on outstanding beach locations, within luxuriant gardens facing spectacular lagoons.

In Mauritius, plantation-style Sugar Beach Golf & Spa Resort and authentic La Pirogue Resort & Spa are located on the west coast; vibrant lifestyle Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort and Ambre All-Inclusive Adult-Only Resort & Spa are set on the east coast.

We also manage the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Bernhard Langer and located on the iconic island of Ile aux Cerfs off the east coast of Mauritius.

In the Maldives, Kanuhura, our barefoot luxury private island, is reserved to exclusive breaks.

We have thoughtfully created and crafted each of our resorts to complement the different aspirations of today’s travelers. Every one unfolds a unique cachet and weaves its very own distinctive atmosphere.

A Public Limited Company

Founded on the 10th of February 1983, we have been quoted on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since January 1993. The company has currently a shareholders’ base of over 12,500.

Sun Resorts also has three offices in Europe (in Frankfurt, London and Paris), as well as representatives in China, in the United Arab Emirates, in India, in Madrid, and in Milan. Sun Resorts owns two Tour Operators, namely SOLEA in France and World Leisure Holidays in South Africa.

Our Team

Sun Resorts is led by seasoned professionals who have successfully navigated all stages of the hospitality cycle. We believe that our team collectively represents exceptional hospitality talent.